Laura de Bresser -

Laura is a material designer who is working on the development, processing and manipulation of materials and investigates how she can apply the materials in a shape. Her investigative and experimental working method creates new design principles that she uses in her designs. Laura works very intuitively. She mainly starts working directly with the materials, leaving sketches out of the process. She allows the shapes to develop from the material. This way of working and implementing creates curiosity. For example, earlier in her work it appeared that the material was initially not recognizable to people and she was regularly asked if people could touch it.

Her own curiosity as a designer also plays a role in this, which is why she is constantly looking for the possibilities and effects of the materials and how they can develop into a shape. She would like to share this curiosity and the possibilities of her materials with her audience.


"The resulting material is often unrecognizable, which makes people want to feel her work to understand what they see."